1. Introduction to the EARSC International Survey


In 2012/2013 EARSC conducted a survey to map the state and health of the companies providing EO services in Europe. Results can be found at this link: http://earsc.org/library/. Now in 2015 we shall update the European survey and in addition, direct a limited number of questions to companies outside of Europe to develop global links and understanding.

In particular, we are acting on behalf of ESA to seek to understand the impact (or likely impact) that the Copernicus programme is having on the global market. We are also pleased to have the support of the GEO secretariat in distributing the survey through their international stakeholder network and we thank the GEO Executive Director for their support in this.

This questionnaire covers the international part and is aimed at any company, anywhere in the world outside Europe and Canada (since these are covered by the main survey) which is engaged in business related to the supply of geospatial products and services concerning or using EO data.

These guidelines provide detailed steps for respondents. Please read through before answering the questionnaire.

This survey is being conducted by EARSC which is a non-profit organisation, based in Brussels, which acts on behalf of the EO Services Industry (More information at www.earsc.org). It is not a commercial exercise and the analysed results of this survey will be available on a free and open basis. If you decide to respond you will be sent the results when they become available in mid-2015.

Finally, if you are aware of other companies who you believe could complete the survey, please feel free to pass it on asking them to respond using the generic link below.



Once past the first page you can go right through the survey and you can return to complete the survey on several visits. If you wish to get an overview of the entire survey you can download it in pdf

Use of the data: The data you provide using this survey will be seen only by the project team. The data you provide here will NOT be presented to other parties or made public - only cumulative or statistical formats (totals, averages, variances, etc) of the data provided by all of the respondents will be provided, to ensure that no confidential data is revealed.

All data collected will be held under password protected and secured control and every effort will be taken to ensure that it is secure.

Scope of the survey: we are seeking to include all companies for whom satellite-derived EO data is part of their business. These may be satellite operators, EO service providers, or internal service departments inside companies engaged in an entirely different business e.g. oil&gas, insurance, construction etc. The amount of data used is immaterial it is sufficient that you use some satellite data - even in a derived / processed form - somewhere in your business.

We open the survey now to provide you with enough time to give us accurate information. We will leave it open until March, but we would appreciate your response as early as possible, consistent with the availability of good data.

Points of Contact: Please feel free to contact EARSC at any time if you have any questions. Geoff Sawyer, EARSC Secretary General (geoff.sawyer@earsc.org) or Mónica Miguel-Lago, EARSC Executive Secretary (secretariat@earsc.org).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this international industry survey.

Click on the "next" button to continue the survey. You can close the survey window and come back to it to complete information at any time by clicking on the link in the email you were sent.