Thank you for reaching out to Centre for Sexuality. This form includes some quick questions that will help our Intake Coordinator to determine which resources, referrals or supports will be most helpful to you. This may involve booking services with us or a referral to alternative resources if our services are not the best match for your needs.

*In order for our Intake Coordinator to properly assess a client's needs, it is important that the client completes this intake survey themselves if possible (rather than another person completing the survey for them). If you are looking into our services on behalf of someone who requires support completing this survey, please assist them. If you would prefer to complete this intake over the phone, please contact us at 403-283-5580 and ask to speak with the Intake Coordinator.

Some questions in this form are listed as mandatory in order for us to be able to contact a client and book their appointment. Other questions aren't required but are helpful to have answered so we can make sure our services can meet someone's needs. If a person does not feel comfortable answering any question or questions, that is okay. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staff turnover we are only able to accept intakes for STI education and Pregnancy Options Education. We do not have a counselor so only educators are available for these sessions.
If you are seeking counseling services related to gender, sexuality, and relationships and would like to be referred to a different organization, please indicate this on your intake form.
All other counseling intakes will be added to a waitlist with sessions resuming in mid-to late November. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.