Survey Introduction and Project Overview

The purpose of this survey is to ask the public's thoughts on their preferred elements from each of the Design Alternatives that were presented in Workshop #2 held on November 15 in Seaside and November 16 in Carmel. The proposed Design Alternatives focus on the Rancho Cañada Property. The following survey is 14 questions long and should take approximately 20 minutes.

The results of the Public Workshop #1 Survey were used to inform three distinct design alternatives that were developed around different themes. The intention of this phase of the project is to collect feedback on the preferred elements from each alternative, then combine the preferred elements from all three alternatives into a Preferred Alternative, which will be presented to the public in Workshop #3 (anticipated in January 2018).

A brief introduction will give you an overview of the park, then will be followed by descriptions of the Design Alternatives and survey questions. To view the Workshop #2 presentation slides, please visit the Documents page on the project website ( Thank you for your time and we appreciate your input!

The image below shows Palo Corona Regional Park and its surrounding context. The park is approximately 4,500 acres of open space that is a valuable link within a 70 mile-long chain of open space extending from the Carmel River south to San Luis Obispo County. For more information about the park, please visit the Park Description page on the project website (