The European Pain Federation (EFIC) is developing a Research Strategy for the next 5 years.

Prof. Gisèle Pickering (Chair European Pain Federation EFIC Research Committee) is leading this Strategy, in close collaboration with Dr. Mary O'Keeffe. Steering Committee members are: Associate Prof. Brona Fullen, Prof. Thomas Tölle, Prof. Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Prof. Andre Mouraux, Prof. David Finn, Associate Prof. Kirsty Bannister, Prof. Susanne Becker, Felicia Cox, Prof. Elon Eisenberg, Prof. Mira Meeus, Deirdre Ryan and Prof Sonia Cotton (Pain Alliance Europe).
Our Methodology consists of:
1. Establishing a multidisciplinary Steering Committee who have drafted an initial set of research priorities.
2. A scoping review of pain literature and international pain research strategies in order to identify already outlined priorities. 
3. A review of EFIC Position and Opinion Papers.
4. A survey of the pain community across European countries. 
5. Consensus meetings/workshops with the Steering Committee (+ input of pain forum organisations leadership)
Stages 1-3 are complete and have led us to propose a broad selection of priorities under two main domains:
1.  Basic, Pre-clinical, and Translational Research
2. Clinical Research
We are now conducting stage 4 (The Survey) to explore your views on the Research Priorities proposed, and your further suggestions for priorities.

Participation involves completing one online survey. The deadline for completion is 10th December 2022. 
The full survey will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, but you can skip questions on priorities that are not relevant to your interests or fields of expertise.
The European Pain Federation EFIC respects your privacy and all responses will be anonymised. The survey has received ethical approval from University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, France (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Clermont-Ferrand IRB #1”, IRB number 2022-CF034). Approval received 8 July 2022.
A Participant Information Sheet is available here. Any questions about this survey or the research strategy should be sent first to 
Thank you for your interest in this important work.

~ European Pain Federation Research Committee
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