Event Funding Program

Through the Equestrian Queensland (EQ) Competition and Development Fund, funding is provided toward the following event expenses
  1. To assist with Equestrian Queensland affiliates as to the cost of travel and/or accommodation for foreign and Australian based technical officials (such as judges, technical delegates, course designers and stewards) that are required under the rules to officiate at International, National, State or Showcase* events in Queensland. In the event that the Funding is oversubscribed, events that provided educational and/or mentoring opportunities may be given preference
*Development of the Sport (Showcase events): funding provided for innovative programs for members to participate which aligns with the EQ 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.


To be eligible for the funding under this program the following criteria must be met:
  • be an EQ sport committee or a current EQ affiliate
  • hold a current Certificate of Currency of Insurance
  • can demonstrate that the event is being run in accordance with EQ and Equestrian Australia (EA) safety and risk management protocols and Medical Services Providers are listed on the EA MSP Register here.
How to apply:
  • Ensure you have met the eligibility requirements outlined above.
  • To be considered, all relevant sections of the application must be completed.
  • EQ Sport Committees will be eligible for additional funding above $5,000 for marquee/international events
  • The maximum level of funding available per major event is $5,000 (excluding GST);
  • Complete the online application form on the EQ website answering all the questions.
Prior to any approval process EQ will seek endorsement of the Chair of the respective EQ Sport Committee.

  • Major event Funding: All events and activities are to take place during 2024 and applications must be submitted for major events by no later than 5 March 2024. Late or incomplete applications may not be accepted.
EQ reserves the right to determine priorities for the allocation of funding, taking account of:
  • the quality of the information provided; and
  • the total funds available in the program
  • If successful, a post event report together with a tax invoice must be provided for the full amount [100%] of the funds and submitted to EQ no later than 60 days from the date of the event with the EQ Acquittal information found in link provided HERE 
  • The post event report (acquittal templated included) should include:
    • Number of riders, horses and spectators
    • Outline of social media platforms used, engagement and reach over the duration of the event
    • Any local and/or national media received
    • Actual profit and loss statement
EQ reserves the right to review final allocation of funding following receipt of final documentation where the information supplied differs greatly to the original application or where the terms and conditions of funding have not been met.


EQ is to be recognised as a partner of the event for our support including the provision of:
  • Press releases (if applicable)
  • Acknowledgment on event online platforms
  • EQ’s logo is to be used and recognised as an event sponsor as part of all marketing collateral
  • EQ branding should form part of the event promotion including:
    • PA/MC recognition
    • Logo recognition across all marketing collateral including event program, website, big screen, posters and other
    • Program advertising (where applicable)
    • Display of advertisement on big screen (if applicable)
    • The OC will, as a minimum, invite the EQ Chair and EQ CEO to all special functions held as part of the event and, should they so wish, allow the representative to present an Award.
Please note: The funding is not intended to replace funding through other sources.  There is an expectation that event organisers make every effort to make the event self-funding through sponsorship, fees from participants and/or spectators.