Pre-Composting Survey Questions

Disclaimer:  We encourage open and honest answers to all questions in the survey. All responses to this survey, including any personal information you provide, will be kept strictly confidential. Your input will only be used in combination with the responses of others participating in the survey. Only responses to question 9 (additional thoughts) will be reviewed on an individual basis, these will not be tied to gender, age or participating school information however.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your primary role?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. Students, what grade are you in?

* 5. Please rate your level of knowledge or understanding about composting:

* 6. Please tell us your opinion about the process of composting:

* 7. Please tell us how you feel about composting and having compost at the school:

* 8. Please tell us what you typically do with your trash right now:

* 9. Please tell us any other thoughts you have about trash, recycling or composting; including what you would like your school to do or not do: