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* 1. The Pinebrook Pointe HOA Board is considering the possible renewal of our bulk contract with Comcast. We would appreciate input from owners. As you know, the current contract, which expires in 2018, provides basic cable TV to all units at a bulk price per unit of $41 (which is taken out of our monthly dues and paid to Comcast by Property Management Systems, Inc.). The Bulk contract is an "ALL or NO ONE" deal. All units pay the monthly fee to Comcast through their monthly HOA fee and receive the reduced cost Comcast service OR no one pays the monthly Comcast payment in the HOA fee (and individual owners can buy services at residential prices). The Digital Starter TV residential price is $70.99. The Performance Pro Internet retails at $74.95 plus $10 for the modem. There are package options available.

We are considering three options. Please let us know which you would prefer by January 22, 2018.