1. Leadership

8% of survey complete.
The Leadership category asks how senior leaders’ personal actions guide and sustain your organization. It also asks about your organization’s governance system; how your organization fulfills its legal, ethical, and societal responsibilities; and how it supports its key communities.

Note: Senior leaders refers to the CEO (or most senior executive) and his or her direct reports.

Scoring: Please use this guide for scoring the following questions.

Process Categories (Categories 1-6)
A. No approach
No processes at all. Anecdotal information only.

B. Some approaches implemented
Processes are beginning to be deployed.
Beginning to move from reacting to problems to a general improvement orientation.

C. Many approaches are implemented
Processes are well-deployed in some areas.
Evaluation and improvement processes are in place to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

D. Approaches are effective
Processes are well-deployed in most areas of the organization.
Fact-based evaluation and improvement processes are in place, and innovation is in place. Some evidence of improvement is in place.

E. Approaches are “role model”
Approaches are fully deployed.
Fact-based evaluation and improvement processes are key management tools, and innovation is in place. Evidence of improvement is in place.

Question Title

* 1. Our senior leaders guide and sustain our organization.

Question Title

* 2. Our senior leaders create an environment for customer engagement, innovation, and high performance.

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* 3. Our senior leaders communicate effectively with our workforce and our customers.

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* 4. Legal and ethical behavior requirements are well-communicated and enforced.

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* 5. Our organization is a good corporate citizen.