Call for Volunteers! Help showcase Willsmere plus learn about our fascinating history and have some fun!

Our remarkable, unique heritage landmark continues to be in high demand. We have again been selected to participate as one of the most sought-after destinations in Open House Melbourne on Sat+Sun, July 27+28. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise the profile of Willsmere and contribute to our custodial heritage obligation.

Volunteers are needed to host the tours. This involves a minimum commitment of 2 consecutive 45-minute tours with a 15 minute break = 2 hours total. Printed guides and speakers notes are provided. Tour groups of 16 each commence every half hour between 10am and 3:30pm each day from the main entrance. You don't have to be available both days, or even all day. Scheduling can usually accommodate preferences. Volunteers are also needed to host reception, either a morning or afternoon shift, (but mainly we need tour guides).

The rewards of being a volunteer are many: Meet fascinating visitors, many of whom have personal connections to Willsmere; Meet fellow neighbours; Learn about the rich history and architecture of Willsmere; Have fun!

All volunteers are asked to attend a short on-line briefing session, to be scheduled, where event information and guide scripts will be provided. First-timers are expected to conduct a rehearsal tour. Residents and their guests will be invited to rehearsals on Saturday July 13 at 11am or Sunday July 14 at 3pm. Returning volunteers are strongly encouraged to participate/rehearse/mentor newbies.

It's very rewarding, so join in, learn and enjoy!
Best regards, Kevin Bain, OHM coordinator

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