* A - What words come to mind when you think of a person experiencing homelessness?

* B - Who would you categorize as experiencing homelessness? (Choose all that apply)

* C - How many adults do you think are experiencing homelessness on a nightly basis in Palmdale?

* D - How many kids or adolescents do you think are experiencing homelessness on a nightly basis in Palmdale?

* E - What do you think are the top three causes of homelessness in Palmdale? (Check all that apply)

* F - Rate the following statements as Definitely True, Probably True, Probably False, and Definitely False.

1 - Most people experiencing homelessness have marketable job skills.

2 - Most people experiencing homelessness have alcohol or substance abuse disorders.

3 - Most people experiencing homelessness can be identified by their appearance alone.

4 - It is almost impossible to be safe and free from harm when you are homeless.

5 - People experiencing homelessness are more likely to commit crimes than other people.

6 - It is hard to understand how anyone can become homeless.

7 - If you are gainfully employed, it is impossible to become homeless.

8 - The number of people experiencing homelessness in Palmdale is growing.

9 - Programs for those experiencing homelessness, cost tax payers too much money.
10 - Homelessness is solvable.
11 - It will take the effort of the entire community to make homelessness as rare and brief as possible for those living in Palmdale.

* G - Is Homelessness a problem in Palmdale?

* H - Who do you think should have responsibility for assessing/addressing homelessness in Palmdale?

* I - Should the government fund more programs that address homelessness?

* J - In your opinion, is enough being done to address the issue of homelessness in our community?

* K - What role can the community play to make homelessness, as rare and brief as possible?

* L - In your own words, homelessness in our city is…

* M - What is your experience with homelessness (choose all that apply)

* N - Do you think it is possible that circumstances could occur that would cause you or a loved one to become homeless?

* O - If you or a loved one were to experience homelessness, what type of assistance would you want and need? (Choose all that apply)

* P - If you or a loved one were to experience homelessness, what actions or behaviors of non-profits, government, and fellow community members would be most helpful to improving your circumstances?

* Q - Now that you have had the opportunity to reflect on what it would be like for you personally or a loved one to experience homelessness, have you reconsidered your previous responses?

* R - And If yes, would you like to change your answers?

Community Survey on Homeless Perception

* S - Sex

* T - Age Range

* U - Annual Income

* V - Race/ethnicity

* W - Zip Code

* X - How long have you lived in Palmdale?

* Y - How did you find out about this survey?

* Z - Are you a business owner?

* Z1 - If you answered yes, does this influence your opinion about Homelessness?

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