Welcome to the Sugar Land Mobility Master Plan Summer 2022 Survey. The City of Sugar Land is updating its Mobility Master Plan to help achieve the Vision for Superior Mobility outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan: Vision 2025. The City updates its master plans to help create and prioritize the strategies that the City will undertake to improve mobility over time.
The project schedule below shows what has been accomplished since the start of this process. Thanks to feedback from the community over the last two summers, the City has a strong foundation of mobility challenges and needs, and has identified core values to guide the Plan.

We want to know what you think about the Transformative Mobility Network (TMN) and gather input on strategies to better define and develop future projects and programs for mobility within the City. Whether this is the first time you are responding to a survey for the Mobility Master Plan or you have participated every time, we truly appreciate your time and input into this important project!

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This survey is divided into three brief sections:

1) Strategies;
2) Transformative Mobility Network; and
3) About You.

More information about the Mobility Master Plan can be found at the project website (click here) or by reading through the Story Map
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