* 1. What is your connection to the region? (select all that apply)

* 2. What County do you live in?

* 3. Please select your age range.

* 4. Please select your current household demographic from the options below.

* 5. Rank the following items on a scale from least important to most important:

  Least Important Neutral Most Important
Quality Education (K-12)
Higher education/Workforce development/Job training
Room for economic growth
Potential business opportunities
Transportation infrastructure/New road bond
Route 9 expansion (Jefferson to Morgan County)
Natural gas line
Attracting / Retaining younger residents
High-speed Internet availability
Public Services (libraries, parks, walking trails, etc.)
Quality of life ( Safe, Clean, Healthy, Affordable)

* 6. Rank the following topics (from 1 to 12) in order of improvement needs—12 being in need of the most improvement, 1 being in little or no need of improvement:

* 7. Pick one issue from the lists above.
If you were the decision maker, what would you do about this issue? Let your voice be heard.

* 8. What is the region’s greatest asset? (Choose one)

* 9. What is the region’s greatest weakness? (Choose one)

* 10. What cultural activities do you value? (Select all that apply)

* 11. What areas should be focused on to strengthen the region’s economic viability?

* 12. We want your opinion on local business.
If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, what could help you expand or develop your business within the region?

* 13. In which County do you work?

* 14. Does your primary residence have internet access?

* 15. Please rate your level of satisfaction with your current internet service provider.

  Extremely Disatisfied Disatisfied Meets Expectations Satisified Extremely Satisfied
Speed / Connectivity
Customer Service

* 16. Which of the following Internet Service Providers do you use in  your home? If you have more than one Internet Service Provider, or more than one home, please select your primary provider at your primary residence.

* 17. While that Eastern Panhandle's economic outlook is strong and it has been approximately a decade since the "Great Recession", our region is not immune to economic decline.

Please list the three biggest threats to economic stability in your county.

Sample responses could include: 
  • Unemployment,
  • Business closures,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Response by leadership,
  • Downturn in the National economy,
  • Governmental mandates,
  • Change in overall business climate,
  • Drugs and crime,
  • Reduced funding from higher levels of government,
  • Resistance to change,
  • Inadequate infrastructure,
  • Or offer three of your own.

* 18. Last question, so please put your thinking caps on and finish strong!

When thinking about Economic Development efforts over the next five years what would you like to see happen in the three county eastern panhandle region?

* 19. (Optional) Email Adress

* 20. Optional (Name)