Blockchain (a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions) first caught the world's attention when it appeared as a platform for securely and efficiently sharing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin among anonymous users on public networks.

Today, the technology is generating intense interest for use in a variety of industries and domains ranging from banking, finance, and insurance to healthcare, government, retail, and manufacturing. 

Organizations are now using Blockchain technology to develop a new breed of transactional business applications designed to embed trust, transparency, efficiency, and accountability into the process of sharing and transferring a broad range of assets in a business network. Business Blockchains are not just limited to currencies; assets ranging from equipment, warranties, and artwork to healthcare records and shipping data can now be shared, exchanged, or transferred via a Blockchain network more efficiently, with greater collaboration and less risk to shareholders, than is customary using traditional practices.

But what is the status of Blockchain efforts within organizations and what are their plans for developing Blockchains in the near future? What do organizations see as the potential for Blockchains to disrupt their industry? And what issues do organizations see as hampering their efforts to use Blockchain technology?

To answer these and other questions, I am conducting a confidential survey on how organizations are adopting—or planning to adopt—Blockchain technology. I also seek to identify important issues and other considerations organizations are encountering or foresee encountering in their efforts.

I want to thank you in advance for taking our survey. Please be assured that all answers will be kept confidential. Your input is much appreciated, because it allows us to separate fact from hype. I will provide you with important trends and findings in upcoming Cutter Consortium research. In addition, if you supply us with your email address, we'll use it to send you a coupon good for $50 (U.S.) in the Cutter Bookstore.

To enrich the findings, I would like to conduct short interviews with a subset of the respondents. Comments will be kept anonymous, identified by title and industry only. Respondents who complete the interview process receive a coupon for an additional $100 (U.S.) in the Cutter Bookstore.

Thanks again,

Curt Hall
Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant

If you supply us with your email address, we'll use it to send you a coupon good for $50 (U.S.) in the Cutter Bookstore.
Please be assured that all answers will be kept confidential.

* 1. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to respond to the questions in this survey for the whole enterprise or for a specific division. To which of the following will your answers apply?

* 2. Is your organization currently implementing—or does it plan to implement—Blockchain technology?