We Drive So USC Can Thrive

Following our historic victory to join SEIU Local 721 on March 23, we USC Shuttle Drivers and Dispatchers are in the driver’s seat. Soon, we will start negotiations with the university for a strong first contract — a process that we, as union workers, will control, facilitate, and own.

As a crucial first step, we’re asking all USC Shuttle Drivers and Dispatchers to take a few minutes to complete our bargaining survey. Your input is vital. The results will set our priorities for negotiations with the university for our first contract.

Together, we can win a contract that values and respects the experience, dedication, and pride we bring to our jobs.

Negotiations with the university will also give us the opportunity to improve the services that we provide and reform workplace policies and practices that don’t work.

We know our worth. We are an integral part of USC’s public transit network, and students, faculty, and guests rely on us to transport them safely and promptly around USC, its satellite campuses, and the areas surrounding them. In short: We drive so USC can thrive.

By submitting this survey, we can start the road toward building a better USC, with working conditions and services that are worthy of the great university we serve.

If you have questions, please contact Jesus Garcia, Lead Organizer at (213) 280-7707.