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Water quality and marine environmental health, and particularly nutrient availability and toxicity, can depend on the chemical speciation: the amounts of the element or molecule of interest in different chemical forms (species). Speciation varies in a complex way with temperature, salinity, the amounts of reacting species present, and often pH.

Working Group 145 of the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) is developing a user-friendly chemical speciation modelling package for marine scientists. It will focus particularly on pH (including the buffers used for instrument calibration), the marine carbonate system, low salinity waters, and environments in which composition differs from normal seawater stoichiometry. The modelling project is supported by 3 years of funding, and will involve participants in the United States and several European countries.

We would like to understand the speciation modelling needs of industry, and public sector and non-governmental organisations involved in marine science, as well as academia. The purpose of this questionnaire is to generate a picture of the requirements of users both inside and outside the academic world, which will directly influence the development of the model and modelling tools (computer programs). Thank you for your help.