The Patients Association wants to hear people’s experiences of unsafe discharge from hospital. We will be issuing a report, based on what people tell us.

In particular, we want to hear about times when someone has been discharged from hospital despite not being well enough to leave. If the person suffered harm as a result of this, or was at a real risk of harm, it was an unsafe discharge.

We are not looking for information about times when a person has been discharged from hospital and problems have arisen because of a lack of support from social care services or local health services. A large amount of research has already been conducted into those situations.

Far less research has been done on discharges that simply happened too early, even though we hear about this from callers to our helpline.

If you think your experience, or the experience of someone close to you, matches this description of an unsafe, premature discharge, please click below to start the survey and tell us about it.

The report may reproduce what you tell us – this will be done anonymously unless you give us permission to include identifying information.