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Luleå university of technology along with Ericsson, Telia, and Tieto are collaborating on the Wireless innovation arena (WIA) which is an EU, Region Norrbottten, and Luleå Kommun funded project. WIA aims to create favorable conditions for small and medium-sized companies in Upper Norrland. Together with academia, institutes, large companies, the public sector and end-users, we will develop skills and competitive products and services. This will primarily be done in the area of wireless communication, specifically 5G, which is an important enabler for the internet of things to reach its full potential.
Within this project purpose, this questionnaire aims to understand the impression of individuals participating in digital innovation projects on their role(s) within these projects. This includes identifying the role ambiguities (i.e., clarity of defined roles and responsibilities) and role conflicts (e.g., other individuals with similar roles or responsibilities) that the individual might be facing within their role(s).
Clarification: a role refers to the role title you hold in the digital innovation project (e.g., project manager, developer, financer), while the responsibilities are the obligations that you have within the role.
Privacy notice: The questionnaire can be filled anonymously, and results are published so that a person cannot be identified. In case the respondent would like to be contacted later for possible further discussion, contact details can be submitted.
The collected data will be saved to servers at the Luleå university of technology and used for purposes of this research project and by its associated research team. Participation in the study is voluntary. There will be no negative consequences for you if you choose not to participate in the study or if you withdraw from the study. However, if you withdraw from the study after the data analysis starts, data collected prior to your withdrawal may still be used in the study.
Participants may make all requests concerning the rights of the data subject to the following contact person:
Name: Yomn Elmistikawy
Tel.: +46730600683
E-mail: yomn.elmistikawy@ltu.se

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