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1. Each year the Benefits Office enlists feedback from our community of employees and retirees to help us plan upcoming events. In keeping with past surveys, we are excited to hear from you. Let us know your preference for workshops over the next year.

  very interested somewhat interested not very interested not at all interested
Identity Theft
Supplemental income from catastrophic illness plans such as (AFLAC, Colonial)
Home buying
Long-Term Care Insurance
Debt/Credit Management
Diversity (Diversity in the workplace, Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace)
Career Development (Career Management and Career Planning, Building Effective Resumes)
Supplemental Life Insurance
Tax-Deferred and Investment Planning through 403(b) and/or 457(b) Plans
Funding your child's college education through 529 Plans
Wills, Trusts and/or Estate Planning

2. We like to hold events which bring the Peralta community together (employees, retirees, children, extended family, etc.). What type of fun or community building events would interest you?   (In the past we have hosted picnics, a cruise, basketball nights-any proceeds go to the Peralta Foundation.) Check all that apply.

3. The District has a benefits website which serves as a resource for convenient access to information 24/7. On our Peralta benefits website you find historical newsletters, updates and benefit provider links. The homepage does not require a password. The website is updated bi-monthly. What reasons have you visited the Peralta District benefits website in the last year? Check all that apply.

4. Since October 2014, active employees have been using the online benefit enrollment portal BenefitBridge to affect changes to medical and dental plan coverage (add dependents, remove dependents, update life insurance beneficiary information and more).  Have you used https://www.benefitbridge.com/peralta to verify your life insurance beneficiaires?

5. Have you accessed the District's Health and Wellness portal on the Peralta benefits homepage?

6. What type of District-sponsored communications and/or events would you like to see focusing on health and wellness in the Peralta Community (check all that apply)?

7. If you are enrolled in a Peralta group-sponsored medical and/or dental benefit plan, have you logged into your carrier's website (Kaiser, Delta Dental, CoreSource, United Health Care Dental) to explore interactive services?

8. A health-risk assessment is usually an interactive data collection questionnaire that provides the taker with tips or resources to how to manage one's personal health. Have you taken a health-risk assessment in the last 12 months?

9. Has anyone in your family covered under a Peralta plan taken a health risk assessment in the last 12 months?

10. The "Peralta Benefits Everyone" Newsletter is distributed frequently to staff, faculty and retirees of the District via campus mail, email and home mailings. In 2017 we are transitioning into more green and sustainable communications. The Peralta benefits homepage will store communications for easy and convenient access. As we make efforts to "go green" and paperless, the Benefits Office wants your feedback on your preferred method of communication.

11. We continue to engage the Peralta Community in wellness activities. We are partnering with the "Mind Your Health educational campaigns" the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), Kaiser and other partners to deliver a variety of seminars and to offer wellness-centered activities. We are thinking about offering brown-bag webcasts at each campus. Please select the top 5 seminars that you are likely to attend.

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