Introduction - Yuba City Urban Forest

Yuba City has contracted with Davey Resource Group, Inc. to develop an Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP). The Plan will provide input on the management and future vision for the urban forest, including an overall vision, strategies, and actions to be implemented over the next 40 years.

A key component of the planning process is collaborating early with the community to ensure the Plan reflects our vision for Yuba City’s urban forest. Your response to the following questions will help us more clearly understand community values and will help guide the development of the UFMP.

The questions that follow are arranged into 4 topics:

1. The value of trees
2. Public trees (City managed trees on streets and in parks)
3. Private trees (Privately owned and managed trees)
4. Basic demographics

The survey should take about 10 - 15 minutes. The success and value of the UFMP is dependent upon public responses from individuals like you. Thank you for your participation!

Question Title

* 1. Trees are important to the quality of life in Yuba City.

Question Title

* 2. Understanding which benefits are most appreciated by residents can help guide long-term management strategies. Please select your top 3.

Question Title

* 3. Trees also provide economic, aesthetic, and quality of life benefits. Please select your top 3. 

Question Title

* 4. How concerned are you about climate change?

Question Title

* 5. Optional. Use this space to provide additional comments on the benefits of Yuba City’s trees.