We need your help!

Youth Capital is a youth-led campaign with an Action Plan for change to shift gears on youth unemployment in South Africa. This Action Plan has three focus areas: Education, Transitions, and Jobs.

Under Jobs, one of the calls to action is 'Make Public Employment Work'. We think that public employment opportunities, like school assistant programmes, should provide the young people who participate in them with knowledge, skills, experience, and networks that serve as stepping-stones to sustainable livelihoods and decent employment.

We would appreciate if you would take a little time to share with us your experience of hosting school assistants at your school. This information will help us understand what is needed to make sure that school assistants' programmes add value to schools and are meaningful opportunities for young people.

Your response is anonymous. Try to make sure that you have 10-15, uninterrupted, minutes to complete the survey.
33% of survey complete.