Improving I-80 for Everyone

YoloTD and Caltrans are partnering to make traveling on the I-80 freeway in Yolo County better for everyone. Our goal is to improve how traffic moves, make the roads safer, and reduce traffic on local streets.

Project Overview:
  • What will the project do:
    • Construct new toll/carpool lane in each direction of the existing freeway median that will allow carpooling for 3+ passengers.
    • Vehicles with 1-2 passengers can use the lane for a fee.
  • When will the lanes open?
    • The lanes are currently expected to open to the public in Winter 2027-8. 
Help Shape the Future: Share Your Thoughts With Us

We're excited to share that the Draft Environmental Document (DED) - also called an Environmental Impact Report / Study - for our project has just been released. It's a great opportunity to have your say.
While we encourage citizens to submit comments to Caltrans on the DED, we're making it easier for you to have a direct impact on this project.

Take our short, 7-question survey, and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback will play a vital role in helping YoloTD understand and prioritize the preferences of our local community.
We hope you join us in shaping the future of I-80! 

Question Title

* 1. What do you think are the biggest issues with traffic on I-80 in Yolo County?

  Not a Problem Minor Problem Neither Major Problem Not sure / Neutral
Too much traffic
Unsafe driving conditions
Not enough public transportation serving I-80 corridor
Insufficient safe bicycling facilities
Excessive cut-through traffic in nearby neighborhoods

Question Title

* 2. The new freeway lanes would have specific usage rules. How do you feel about these options?

  Strongly Support Support Neutral / Not Sure Oppose Strongly Oppose
Toll/Carpool Lane (Free for vehicles with 3+ occupants)
Note: This is the current proposed project
Carpool Lane-only (Requires 2+ Occupants)
Carpool Lane-only (Requires 3+ Occupants)
Public Transit-only Lane
Express Lane (All users pay to use the new lane)
Convert the existing Fast Lane to a Carpool Lane
Convert the existing Fast Lane to a Tolled/Carpool Lane
All lanes pay a toll on Causeway Bridge

Question Title

* 3. If tolled/carpool lanes are built, do you support the following options? (Please select Yes or No for each)

  Yes No
Should clean air vehicle drivers (e.g., electric cars) receive discounts or free access to the tolled/carpool lanes?
Should the tolled/carpool lanes have frequent entry and exit points?
Should low-income drivers receive discounts or free access to the tolled/carpool lanes?
Should tolling on the tolled/carpool lanes include weekends?

Question Title

* 4. Tolled/carpool lanes will generate revenue for transportation improvements. Please rank the following options for using that revenue:

  Strongly Support Support Neutral / Not Sure Oppose Strongly Oppose
Enhancing public bus service along I-80
Providing convenient transportation services that pick you up from your doorstep
Making public transportation and Capitol Corridor (passenger train) more affordable
Offering affordable bike or scooter-sharing programs
Promoting car-free or car-lite mobility packages as alternatives to driving
Investing in local plans to combat climate change
Providing rebates for electric vehicles
Providing rebates for electric bicycles
Offering programs that promote commuting alternatives like vanpools, shuttles, and/or express buses

Question Title

* 5. In what community do you currently live and work?

  Where I live Where I work Both
West Sacramento
Unincorporated Yolo County
Sacramento region east of Yolo County
City or community west of Yolo County
None of the above

Question Title

* 6. Please explain how you use I-80 in Yolo county by different transportation types.

  I never use I-80 for any reason I rarely use I-80 (1 round trip per month or less) I occasionally use I-80 (< 1 round trip per week) I regularly use I-80 (1 round trip or more per week)
Public Transit
Carpool / Vanpool
Capitol Corridor / Amtrak

Question Title

* 7. If you have any other comments about this project or the conditions on I-80 in Yolo county, please share them with us.

Question Title

* 8. Please provide your contact information if you would like to stay informed about the Yolo-80 project.