Campaign Overview

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. (GGHI) is excited to share a free resource to help you welcome customers into your business and amplify the voice of our local businesses.  Varying opening restrictions throughout the state and within industries are creating confused consumers that might bypass our local stores and restaurants assuming they are closed.  We are here to help your business overcome that challenge and promote the value of buying local in Grays Harbor County.

A limited supply of “Say YES to LOCAL” “H”-stake signs are available at no cost to local businesses and for as long as supplies last.  As a member of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. you are receiving this information early so that you can secure your sign in advance.

Signs will be available for pick-up at the GGHI office (Aberdeen) starting September 2nd and with limited one-time delivery elsewhere in the county the following week.

If interested, please complete this form with your business information and review the easy grass roots marketing guide to help improve your visibility.
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