Application Information

The APMP-NCA Mentor-Protégé program is an incredible opportunity for mentors and protégés alike. In this program, mentors are paired based on the protégé’s specific professional development goals and desired career path as well as the mentor’s unique skills and accomplishments to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

There are no age limits, experience requirements, or certification requirements to be a mentor or protégé. Anyone interested in working with a mentor for professional development support and guidance may apply to be a protégé. Similarly, anyone who feels that they have something to share or teach may apply to be a mentor. We will make every attempt to pair protégés and mentors with participants that are good matches for them and what they want to learn or have to offer.

Individual pairs meet as their schedules’ permit, whether it’s virtual, over coffee, at APMP events, etc. They work together for 5-10 hours each month and participate in program-wide meetings once a month to share and learn from other pairs. Program-wide meetings are in-person at the beginning of each quarter and via teleconference the remaining months of the quarter. The program-wide meetings for 2018 are tentatively scheduled for every first Thursday of the month at 6-7 PM for teleconferences and 6-8 PM for in-person meetings.
Participants will be walked through a goal-setting and progress-check-in process at the beginning of the year during the Kickoff meeting in January, and at the beginning and end of each quarter to promote progress and continued engagement. Participants will also enjoy exclusive program-specific presentations at each in-person meeting. These presentations will be directly tied to member’s goals and will be delivered by well-respected members of the APMP-NCA community. Mentors and protégés will learn a lot during these presentations!

All participants are volunteers. Protégés will receive a 50% discount to 2018 APMP-NCA events, and mentors will receive CEU’s for their participation and contribution to the program.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in – either as a mentor or a protégé – and you can commit 5-10 hours per month to this program, then please complete the application below! We would love to have you participate!