The City is updating its 2010 Town Plan and we need your help!

The first public hearing will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission Wednesday, July 12, 2017 @ 6:30PM (at 900 Saddletree Court) on the City's Vision, Goals and other big ideas. Responses in this survey will be compiled for the Commission and included in their packet to review (minus name and address). In addition all citizens are invited to complete the survey and/or attend the public hearing to publicly express their ideas. No final decisions on the update of the City's Town Plan will be made until all public hearings have been completed.
The City will be hosting public hearings and offering more online feedback opportunities throughout the fall as we update the Town Plan.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. What is your street address?

* 3. Current Vision Statement:

Shavano Park is a premier, diverse and welcoming community that celebrates our small town character, multigenerational heritage, urban energy, and natural habitat.

Do you agree with this vision for Shavano Park?

* 4. If you have some suggestions, great! Tell us how you would improve the vision statement.

* 5. The City's eight (8) Strategic Goals are:
  1. Provide excellent municipal services while anticipating future requirements
  2. Protect and provide a city-wide safe environment
  3. Protect City property values, enhance resources and maintain fiscal discipline
  4. Maintain excellent infrastructure (buildings, streets and utilities)
  5. Enhance and support commercial business activities and opportunities
  6. Enhance the City image and maintain a rural atmosphere
  7. Promote effective communications and outreach with citizens
  8. Mitigate storm water runoff
Do you agree with these strategic goals? Note that strategic goals are broad aspirations that an organization strives to achieve. For each goal, a number of measurable objectives are developed each year.

* 6. If you have some suggestions, great! Tell us how you would improve the any of the goals. Please reference the goal number.

* 7. What are some strengths of our community? Try brainstorming a few.

In 2010 the Town Plan listed: Rural Character, Financially Sound, Location/Access, Municipal Services and Quality Development.

* 8. What are some weaknesses of this community? Try brainstorming a few.

In 2010 the Town Plan listed: NW Military Highway congestion, Limited Commercial Development, Future Budget Issues, Pedestrian Accessibility, Drainage and Sense of Community

* 9. What are some opportunities for this community? Try brainstorming a few.

In 2010 the Town Plan listed: Work with TxDoT on NW Military, Municipal Tract, City Identity, Commercial Development, Hike & Bike Trails, Work with City of San Antonio/Bexar County

* 10. What are some threats to this community? Try brainstorming a few.

In 2010 the Town Plan listed: Tax Base Erosion, Environmental Concerns, other Governments impacting the City and declining Community Feel