American Society of Criminology
73rd Annual Meeting

Friday, Nov 17, 11:00am to 12:20pm,
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Independence Ballroom II

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Expanding the Bench® (ETB) is a core strategy of the Research, Evaluation, Evidence and Data (REED) Unit at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This strategy aims to increase the number of historically underrepresented researchers and evaluators of color such as African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and underrepresented Asians. Current ETB initiatives include: the ACE Network and the LEEADers in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity Program.

* 11. Would you like to receive information on Expanding the Bench initiatives and events from the Annie E. Casey Foundation? The ETB listserv contains updates and information about our and other research and evaluation opportunities.

* 12. What activities would you like to see more of from AECF and the Expanding the Bench Initiative?

Casey's Juvenile Justice Reform efforts and activities focus on improving the outcomes of youth who become involved in the juvenile justice system by eliminating the inappropriate use of secure confinement and out-of-home placement.

* 13. Are you interested in learning more about AECF Juvenile Justice Reform efforts and activities (e.g., Talent Pipeline, etc)?