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Before completing this online application form please read and understand the Sõrve Leader Information Pack.

Download link: Sõrve Leader Information Pack

To be a part of the Leadership Group, potential Leaders must complete the following EOI application form and provide relevant details about their skills, experience and involvement within the Estonian community. This questionnaire will assist us in compiling important information regarding the skills and attributes of our potential leaders and will help with the planning of camp activities.

For new leaders please download the standardised referee questionnaire which is considered to be a part of the selection process. Download link: Reference Questionnaire

(This form needs to be given to a person in your life that is able to provide us with an independent view of your capacity and capability to be considered as part of the Leadership Group for Sõrve. If you have previously been part of the Leadership Group and have forwarded a completed referee questionnaire you are exempt from completing this section.)

Being a part of the Sõrve Leadership Group requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You will find this is a rewarding experience if you are prepared to make the effort. You will be involved in every assigned group activity, you will be constantly on the move and probably have less sleep than what you are used to. However we expect that you will still maintain composure and the ability to make sensible quick decisions.

Please note the following dates for the Leaders Meetings. 

·       LM1: July 28th and 29th (Weekend Meeting - Saturday and Sunday) COMPULSORY to attend if you wish to participate as a leader in 2019

·       LM2: September  – date and location TBA

·       LM3: November – date and location TBA

·       LM4: December – date and location TBA

·       POST CAMP Debrief meeting: TBA date

The following form is to be completed by anyone who would like to apply to be a part of the Leadership Group for Sõrve 2018 in the roles of Leader, Assistant Leader or as part of the Media Team.

If you have any enquiries or questions about becoming a leader or having issues completing this online application form please contact:
Arne Rodgers at or via phone 0434 555 653 (Personal)

Question Title

* 1. Personal Information

Question Title

* 2. First Aid qualifications and NSW Government Working With Children Check (WWCC)

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* 3. Attending Sõrve 2019

Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Roles

Download here

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* 4. What roles are you interested in undertaking at Sõrve 2019 - (NOTE: First time applicants indicate either Assistant Leader or Media). 

These roles include:
- Camp Leader
- Assistant Camp Leader
- Komandant
- Roster Leader
- Käsitöö Leader
- C-Group/F-Troop Leader
- Assistant Leader
- Leader
- Media

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* 5. Roles or responsibilities you have undertaken previously at Sõrve.

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* 6. Roles or responsibilities you have undertaken previously during the year in the last 2 years

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* 7. Experience and Qualifications

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* 8. Fundraising events are held throughout the year to assist Sõrve Sõbrad with general operating expenses. As outlined in the Leader Information Pack under Selection Criteria point 6, please indicate the following

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* 9. List in order of preference the specific campers age group you would prefer working with in terms of hut allocation?

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* 10. How do you see your progression in the Sõrve Leadership Group and what role would you like to take on in the future?

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* 11. In the spaces below please give a response to all of the following scenarios

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