Survey Introduction

To address the continuing challenge of labor attraction and retention, AMBA has launched the second part of its newest benchmarking effort - a resource guide that will provide best practices in employee recruitment, interviewing and retention. Today's questions will focus specifically on interviewing best practices.

When complete, the final playbook will include insights and resources related to:
  • recruitment channels
  • attraction strategies
  • assessment profiles
  • aptitude tests
  • interview questions
  • characteristics of successful candidates
  • training and onboarding processes
  • employee retention methods
  • culture development
  • and more

Please note: Participating AMBA members will receive a final copy of the completed Resource Guide; non-participating members will have the opportunity to purchase the final publication. This publication will only be available to AMBA members.

Survey Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021. This is a members-only opportunity.

For questions or additional areas of interest, please email Rachael Pfenninger at