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SIGMA is excited to introduce SIGMA Women’s Ambassadors Network (SWAN), a new and exciting program recognizing women’s excellence in contributing to the success of their individual companies, as well as to the overall fuel/energy industry.

This application is to nominate a woman in the industry to receive an award at SWAN's Inaugural Award Luncheon at SIGMA's Annual Conference in Boston on Tuesday, November 12th at 12:30 PM.

This application must be submitted by September 6, 2024.
NOTE: SWAN Inaugural members serve as the selection committee for award recipients and are therefore ineligible to be nominated this award cycle.

Golden SWAN Award Categories

Legend – Recognized for having a significant impact on the success of their company as well as the Fuel/Energy Industry as a whole with at least 20 years in the industry. Must have attended 5 SIGMA events in the preceding 10 years

Executive Leaders – Executives at the c-suite level, Vice President, or Director who have transformed their business while making a positive and extraordinary impact on the careers of their colleagues. Must have attended 2 SIGMA events in the preceding 3 years.

Up-and-Comer – Managers and Account Representatives to below Director with the strong desire to advance their fuel and energy careers. Represent their companies in a manner suitable to current, professional industry standards. Must have attended 2 SIGMA events in the preceding 3 years or be registered for their second event.

Marketing & Advertising Professional – Marketing & Advertising professional who has worked behind the scenes with SIGMA staff to ensure sponsorship or membership runs smoothly. No requirement to have attended a SIGMA event.

*SWAN reserves the right to revise these conditions and procedures at any time and may choose to terminate the program.

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