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Storytimes and Preschool Events
Other Children's Events  (for ages 0-8 yrs)
Tween and Teen Events   (for ages 9-17 yrs)
Summer Reading Program
Yakima Valley Reads 
Winter Reading Challenge
Other Adult Events

* 6. Please rate the assistance you received from library staff in the following areas:

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Attentiveness & Friendliness
Help Finding Information
Willingness to Listen & Respond to Customers
Answers to Technology Questions

* 7. Please rate your level of satisfaction with access to information and resources:

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Ease of obtaining materials in the library
The library collection (i.e., books, movies, books on CD, magazines, etc)
Ease of obtaining materials via online library resources (i.e., OverDrive, Flipster, Mango Languages, etc)

* 8. Please rate your experiences using technology at the library:

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Wireless Internet
Self-serve checkout
Printing and/or scanning
Charging stations

* 9. When visiting the library, how often do you find something very good or excellent to read, view, or listen to?

* 10. During your most recent library visit, did you find what you were looking for?

* 11. Do you have any additional comments about library staff, services, programs, or resources?