Location: Lahore
Education:  Bachelors Degree in Accounting & Finance / ACCA/ CA Inter
Experience: More than 5 years of experience and should be experienced at dealing with auditors and preparing financial statements and accounts for the fund.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Review and confirm the investment closing documents from financial control perspective before sending out the disbursement.
  • Report to the General Partners on the Fund’s accounts and prepare activity reports on a monthly basis. Details include but not limited to;
    ·   Produce a set of monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow Statement and Capital Statements in accordance to IFRS.  
    ·   Produce monthly bank reconciliation.
    ·   Produce monthly reconciliation schedule of all balance sheet accounts for the Fund.
    ·   Perform monthly valuation analysis for each portfolio investment and update Fund financial accounts accordingly.  Produce a valuation report as supporting evidence for each change of portfolio holding value on the accounting book.
    ·   Submit portfolio update file monthly together with up to date portfolio cap tables and investment information
    ·   Perform Fund performance analysis report on a monthly basis (e.g. MOIC, TVPI, DPI, IRR).
  • Coordinate with the investment team to ensure periodic LP reports are produced in time with adequate disclosure of Fund financial information
  • Monitor Fund account(s) including all capital inflows and outflows in accordance with the Fund’s drawdown and disbursement process. 
  • Keep track and archive all bank statements /capital call notices / IC minutes / Investment Memos/Closing documents /Valuation reports/ Portfolio Update files as audit trails.
  • Keep track of all capital call on a sub-ledger and reconcile with call notices.
  • Keep track of all capital disbursement on a sub-ledger and reconcile to disbursement documents.
  • Monitor and ensure all Fund level expenses (legal, business admin, insurance etc.) are accrued and paid in time.
  • Monitor the payment from LPs according to capital call notices are arrived in Fund’s bank in time. 
  • Liaise and work with external auditors for yearly fund audit and ensure audit is completed and audit report is submitted to General Partner for distribution to LPs in a timely manner.