Thank you for reaching out and applying to receive assistance from To Write Love on Her Arms. If you’re reading this—it means that you are taking the courageous step toward healing and recovery. Thank you for being brave and believing that your well-being matters. Please note, this application process consists of three steps.

1) The first step is to complete this online application. The application should take less than 15-minutes to complete but you’ll want to gather information like your insurance coverage, the contact information for your counselor or mental health service provider, and have the ability to answer some basic financial questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered for scholarship funding. 

After you submit your completed application we will contact you directly to complete steps 2 and 3. 

2) Provide a release of information with your mental health provider. Due to HIPPA regulations, TWLOHA must be given permission to confirm you will be receiving services and to discuss billing information with your provider. You will receive additional instructions on how to complete this step after you submit your completed application.   

3) Finally, your provider will need to complete a short verification that they meet our scholarship requirements. If you do not have a counselor we encourage you to check out our FIND HELP Tool for a list of providers near you. We are also happy to help you identify options in your area or based on your specific circumstances. You can also opt to participate in our Meru Health Partnership program which is 100% free to participate in. To learn more visit Meru here.  

Before you apply, please know that the typical scholarship awarded is between 3-6 months (12-24 sessions) of counseling. We know that your situation may require additional care but it's our goal to give as many people support as possible. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at with the subject line: “[YOUR NAME] - SCHOLARSHIP QUESTION.” All information shared through the application is confidential and only accessible to FIND HELP program team members at TWLOHA.

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Scholarship Guidelines:
  • TWLOHA offers financial assistance on a first-come, first-served basis for individuals that demonstrate financial barriers to accessing mental health care and are either uninsured or underinsured for behavioral health care. 
  • TWLOHA does not provide direct treatment services and we cannot accept responsibility for any of the services provided by these or any other providers you select. 
  • We require that services are provided by, or under the supervision of, a licensed mental health provider.

Please initial that you have read and understood these requirements and guidelines.

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Financial Guidelines:
  • TWLOHA will reimburse up to $65-$100 per session for an individual session (60 minutes) and $45-$80 for group sessions. Monthly billing per individual may not exceed $400 USD. It will be up to the service provider to determine if this satisfies the full bill, or if a co-pay amount is required. You are responsible for any additional charges incurred on your account. If an applicant participates in the Meru Health program, it is covered 100%.
  • It is your responsibility to inquire about what sliding scale / discounted rates are available before seeking a scholarship through TWLOHA.
  • If services are not sought or discontinued within 60 days, the funds will be released to another applicant. 

Please initial that you have read and understood these requirements and guidelines

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* 3.
Feedback Requirements:
  • By receiving scholarship funding, you agree to complete a Feedback Survey at the end of your award period. The survey will be completed online anonymously. Your feedback is extremely important in providing TWLOHA with insights into the quality of care and your experience in counseling.  

Please initial that you have read and understood these requirements and guidelines

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