Great data is the cornerstone of good salaries and benefits. When you participate in the National Church Compensation Survey, conducted by Church Law & Tax, a ministry of Christianity Today, you help yourself and churches throughout America set fair compensation for pastors and staff.

Your responses are kept strictly confidential—no personally identifiable information of any kind is associated with the results produced. The data you share will be used in combination with other responses (aggregate) for Church Salary, an online compensation tool that helps churches and church workers understand and advocate for fair, adequate compensation.
The number of positions you report will determine the length of the survey; if you are reporting on your own position, the survey will take about 3–5 minutes. Please answer every question you can, and only skip a question if you do not know the answer. In order for the survey logic to work correctly, some questions must be answered to move on through the survey. The term "your church" refers to the church for which you are reporting, whether or not this is the church where you worship.

In appreciation of the time you spend taking the survey, you will be invited to select 1 of 3 free gifts: "20 Finance Questions Churches Ask" eBook, a 6-month subscription to Christianity Today, or the Bible study "Stewardship: Living a Life that Counts," upon completion of the survey. At the conclusion of the survey, you'll be provided directions on how to receive this gift. Thank you!

—The Editors of Church Law & Tax

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