Dear STEM and STEAM Educators and Youth Service Providers,

We want YOU!!! The Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian is seeking facilitators of STEM and STEAM programs for middle school aged learners to participate in our YouthAstroNet Project. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the YouthAstroNet program provides youth with access to real telescopes, and engages them in the tools and techniques of professional scientists, and has been shown to increase youth STEM career interest and science identity. 

Programming will begin in spring 2023 and continue forward, but beforehand we'd like to learn from your current STEM or STEAM programming. As a baseline in our study to scale up the YouthAstroNet program we're asking you to administer a pre and post survey to youth participants in one of your existing STEM or STEAM instructional units (typically a few days to a few weeks long) some time over the next month or two. Educators who join us at this stage will receive $50 and be automatically enrolled in the YouthAstroNet Implementation study for the next phase, which includes all YouthAstroNet materials, telescope access, professional development, and student activity resources. 

Fill out this form to join us in exploring the universe with young people!
We look forward to meeting you, and including you in the project.

Mary Dussault, Principal Investigator 
Annette Trenga, Research Coordinator