Lakes Area Manufacturing Association (LAMA) Student Scholarship Application

Congratulations on your decision to pursue an educational program in manufacturing! There are great paying and challenging jobs in manufacturing.  You will have many career opportunities awaiting you in Minnesota's Region Five upon your college graduation! LAMA is pleased to award scholarships to students enrolling/enrolled in manufacturing programs to earn post-secondary certificates and degrees in manufacturing careers. LAMA believes awarding scholarships is an investment in the future of Central Minnesota's manufacturing industry. Good luck on your application. Please be thoughtful and consider each question carefully before answering!

* 1. Scholarship Applicant Name

* 2. High School Location and Graduation Date

* 3. Applicant Email Address

* 4. Applicant Permanent Mailing Address

* 5. Phone number where you can be reached:

* 6. What post secondary/college will you be attending?

* 7. What manufacturing major will you be studying?

* 8. When will you start your program of study? (ie: Semester/Month/Year)

* 9. Share why you believe you should receive a LAMA scholarship? Please be as detailed as possible.

* 10. Please share any co-curricular, volunteer and/or work actvities you are involved with. Please be as detailed as possible.

* 11. Please share your financial need and any special circumstances that you feel may warrant special consideration.

* 12. Is there anything else you want to share with the scholarship committee?

Please note you are REQUIRED  to provide an official copy of your high school transcript with this scholarship application that verifies your final high school grade point average (GPA).  If you have any questions, please contact Becky Best: or call 218-821-0721. Thank you!