Please use this form to volunteer to run for election to the MLS Executive Board.  Nominating Committee Chair, Henry Toromoreno ( or MLS staff liaisons, Greg Pronevitz ( Betsy Meaden ( if you have questions.

The Board meets monthly in Marlborough or Northampton.  Deadline July 6, 2018. All members are eligible to volunteer for the three vacancies for three-year terms: Jan. 2019-Dec. 2021.  If possible, we are seeking representation from special libraries and libraries in the northeast to balance board membership by type and location for this November’s election to fill anticipated vacancies and maintain a representative Board.  The Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the Board on the best representative slate of candidates for the Annual Meeting election.

MLS Bylaws:  “The guiding principle for the composition of the Executive Board shall be one of fair representation of current employees of member libraries according to library size, geographic region and type.”