Funds are running low. Apply now!

Funding Range:
  • Award amounts, up to $500, are dependent upon the number of applications received. Please note this award amount has been reduced due to limited funding available.
  • Please view the "2024 Youth Summit Transportation Funds from MAEOE" presentation prior to completion of the grant application. Viewing this presentation is a requirement to apply for this grant. See Page 2 for more information.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Any public or private Maryland school can apply.
  • Any non-profit organization working with a school can apply.
  • One grant will be awarded per school and/or organization.
  • Both a school and an organization cannot apply for funds to cover the same field experience.
  • Costs associated with this field experience MUST be paid by the school first. Costs incurred will be reimbursed after a final report is submitted.
  • Your school principal/administrator MUST know you are applying for transportation funds. If your administrator/principal is NOT aware that you are applying for this grant and that the costs incurred will be reimbursed, your application could be declined.
  • A quote from the bus transportation company prior to grant approval is mandatory.
  • Your school's Form W9 is required.
Funding Guidelines:
  • A final report MUST be submitted by 6/7/2024. Final reports submitted after this date run the risk of not being reimbursed.
  • An award agreement must be reviewed and signed.
  • Limited funds are available. Awards will be granted on a rolling basis until all funds are allocated.
Distribution of Funds
  • A final report must be submitted by 6/7/2024 with a detailed budget, proof of payment by the school to the transportation company (e.g., evidence of paid invoice to bus company), and receipts for any other approved expenses.
  • The school will be reimbursed by MAEOE after the final report is reviewed and approved.