The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) Office is seeking information from the healthcare community to better understand the use of Telehealth and eConsults in today’s healthcare delivery system. This survey will help inform SIM on the current challenges you’ve experienced in using these services, and how these services might be expanded to fill needed gaps in Colorado’s healthcare model.

Key Definitions
The survey questions are structured around two common terms:
  1. Telehealth services, which are defined as healthcare services exchanged between a patient/client and provider through telecommunications systems, including real-time interactions between a patient/client and a provider (e.g., video conferences).
  2.  eConsults, which are defined as remote consultations between providers through a secure platform (usually between a primary care provider and a specialist) to exchange health information and discuss patient/client care.
Questions have been tailored to each respondent type to help minimize the response time. Please note that, in order to keep this anonymous, you will not be able to log back in. 

*Note that different payers have different definitions of modalities covered under Telehealth. For example, some payers only reimburse for Telehealth services provided through an audio/visual platform.

Please select the respondent type that best represents you or the organization you represent: