Throughout Los Angeles County, including in the City of Los Angeles, thousands of appointed members on hundreds of boards and commissions oversee key city and county agencies and advise elected decision makers on core policies and programs that impact quality of life for Los Angeles area residents.

Decisions made by these agencies have a major impact throughout the city and county, but representation and influence of these boards and commissions by community members is challenging. Elected officials report that they lack qualified pools of candidates with experience as community leaders who have the time, technical expertise and interest in serving on commissions. In addition, communities throughout the LA metro area face barriers to engagement with government representatives who make decisions that directly affect low-income and immigrant communities and communities of color.

With a 42-year track record of investment and training among LA’s diverse community leadership, Liberty Hill Foundation is launching its Commissions Training Program that sets out to address these challenges and build power for communities throughout Los Angeles.

Program Goals
The Wally Marks Leadership Institute Commissions Training Program for Emerging Leaders will seek to achieve several long-term goals:
  • Appointed decision makers throughout the County of Los Angeles are representative of, and accountable to, low-income communities and communities of color.
  • Emerging community leaders understand how local appointed commissions have the potential to influence social justice in their communities, and, in turn, they lead their communities and organizations in influencing decision making on city and county boards and commissions.
  • Emerging community leaders hold seats on city, county, and regional commissions and possess technical knowledge and political strategies needed to implement and support equitable local policymaking.
Our 2022 Advocacy Targets – Supervisorial District 2
In 2022, we are partnering with Supervisor Holly Mitchell and her team to provide targeted support to residents, advocates and individuals who work in supervisorial district 2, to continue to build a pipeline of leaders who are interested in and prepared for Board and Commissions service and influencing Boards and Commissions.

A map of LA County’s Second District, with information on the local municipalities that are located in the district can be found here. To find your LA County supervisorial district you can also utilize the county’s Find Your District tool, here.

You are not precluded from applying if you live or work in another supervisorial district, and should seats in the cohort become available residents and advocates operating in other regions will be considered. We are interested in supporting applicants with a commitment to building power in communities most impacted by systemic oppression.
Nominator Form: 

We ask interested candidates to receive a nomination form from a community organization to demonstrate a level of commitment and connection to working with community based organizations in their region/area. We are interested in supporting and working with candidates who support movement building that builds power for communities historically impacted by systemic oppression and racism. 

We express our gratitude for confirming the nomination of your candidate. We will reach out to nominators should we have any need for additional information. We hope this form will take a few short minutes. If you have questions please feel free to contact Magdalena Mireles at

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