1. ACE Site Coordinator and Family Engagement Specialist Survey

Please answer each question honestly. All surveys are anonymous and completely confidential. No supervisor will know who submitted the survey. Your responses will guide necessary changes for next year. Thank you.

* 1. Please rate the following areas regarding your experience working for ACE.

  Never Rarely Most of the time Always
I have regular contact with my ACE supervisors (program director/coordinator)
My supervisors communicate the goals of the program
My needs are addressed

* 2. Please rate your experience with core-day staff.

  Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Strong relationship between afterschool and core day staff
Core day staff are supportive of us as a program
We are provided adequate space for programming

* 3. Please rate the following areas as it relates to carrying out activities.

  Never Sometimes Almost always Always
I receive my supplies when I need them
I receive adequate training
Activities are giving students new skills
Activities are designed to help students improve academically

* 4. Did you receive training this year? (Through workshops, conferences and /or staff meetings)

* 5. Have you implemented strategies learned during training?

* 6. Please rate ACE in the following areas.

  Never Sometimes Almost always Always
Provides a safe environment
Has clear expectations for staff
Has clear expectations for students
Treats all students equally
Involves parents

* 7. What are the greatest strengths of the ACE program?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.