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About this survey:
Trinity is preparing for an Institutional Quality Review, scheduled from the 18th to the 22nd October 2021, which is required of College under statutory legislation. A team of international experts will visit Trinity to review our policies, procedures, communications and the overall Quality Culture in the University.

The purpose of this survey is to:
(i) inform the self-evaluation process taking place in preparation for this review.

(ii) better understand what each of us in College does to maintain and enhance the quality of our education, research, services and the student experience.
(iii) assess how effective we consider ourselves in terms of our approach to quality as individuals, as work teams and at College-level.
The survey is anonymous. Demographic questions will only be used to ensure that all sections of staff and faculty are represented.

Why it is important that you participate in this survey?
In this survey we understand Quality as actions taken that contribute to the effective and efficient delivery of all activities of the University. Trinity is a complex institution and there are many different perspectives on what constitutes quality in the University. In the context of the Institutional Quality Review, we need to be able to communicate a cohesive narrative on Quality that takes account of that complexity. Therefore as a member of the College community, your perspective is important and your participation will contribute to a communal self-reflection on what we understand as the Quality Culture in Trinity College Dublin.

Survey Structure:
This Survey is divided into three sections. You will be asked to respond to a maximum number of 25 questions and the time taken to respond is approximately 15 minutes.

Section 1: Demographics.

Section 2: Perceptions of Quality at an individual level, as a member of a work team/work area and at a College level.
Section 3: Contains questions specific to staff in certain roles, please only answer those questions specific to your role/s e.g. Academics who are involved in Teaching & Learning and/or Research should answer one or both Teaching & Learning and Research question sets (as applicable). Administrative staff who are involved in Research should answer the Research question set and either the Student Facing or Administration question sets depending on their role.

Data Protection Statement:
Data collected in this survey:

(i) will be used for stated purposes only: to contribute to the institutional self-reflection process and to inform the Institutional Self Evaluation Report to be provided to the international review team. 

(ii) will not be linked to any other data set.

(iii) will be subject to the University’s Data Protection policies.

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