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Dear Congregation Members and Friends,

This questionnaire provides you a formal opportunity to tell Northbrae's Church Council, Worship Team, Focus Group and Administrative Leaders your dreams and preferences regarding Northbrae's future.

Understanding your individual and our congregation's collective preferences regarding our immediate and long term future is essential for our leadership to set the right trajectory and immediate agenda for envisioning Northbrae's future.

Please help us with this "foundation building" task by completing this questionnaire by Wednesday March 28, 2018. If you prefer to complete the paper version of this survey please drop by, or contact, the church office. Feedback results will be shared with all participants as quickly as possible and no later than May 6th. This survey is anonymous, however, if you would like a Worship Team member or other church leader to contact you, please identify yourself and the best way for us to reach you in the appropriate comment section.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your input in completing this questionnaire. We look forward to your input and continued participation during this phase of our history.

John Oldham
Council President

References (can be acquired from the church office):

- 2017 Annual Report
- Congregational luncheon and meeting December 2017

* 1. All things considered, I usually leave or think about Northbrae with the following expression on my face. (Please click the circle under the most relevant face. One choice per row. If you were not here during a given time period you can choose "N/A")

Currently (Present Day)
Six Months Ago (Summer 2017)
Three Years Ago (February 2015)
Seven Years Ago (Summer 2013)

* 2. What to you are the three (3) to five (5) most important characteristics of Northbrae? (Be as specific as possible and please number each characteristic)

* 3. If you could make three (3) to five (5) changes, additions or modifications to Northbrae's Purpose, Programs, Practices and/or Operations what would they be? (Be as specific as possible and please number each characteristic)

* 4. Additional comments and/or concerns for Northbrae's leadership.

Demographics - Some questions about you and your relationship with Northbrae:

* 5. Are you a... (Please check the choice that best fits your association with the church)

* 6. How many hours a month do you participate in activities at the church?

* 7. Involvement Level (check the category most descriptive of you at this time).

Note: If after completing the first section of the survey, you are willing to share with our WORSHIP TEAM (Carolyn West, Elizabeth Hutchins and Kathy Oldham) something about your personal spiritual journey and how Northbrae might be of assistance to you in realizing your path, please use the comment box below to share this with them. The worship team will keep individual input confidential unless requested otherwise. The themes that emerge will be reported to the congregation. (If you would like a private response from the worship committee, please include your contact information). Please stay with us as we proceed to grow our church and support our community.

* 8. (Optional) Part 2 - Confidential input for our Worship Team on your personal spiritual journey and how Northbrae might be of assistance to you in realizing your path.

* 9. (Optional) Part 3 - More Specific Assessment Categories

Please rank the choices below from one (1) to seven (7) by choosing one bubble for each choice. Use the box under each choice to add additional comments. If you have more comments that won't fit in the box you can put them the the comment box following this section.

  1 (Good - Leave As-Is) 2 3 4 (Ok)
5 6 7 (Needs Work)
Church Purpose
Membership Participation
Worship Practices
Spiritual Support and Enlightenment
Member Fellowships, Inclusion, Support and Outreach
Community Building and Social Activities
Local and Global Services
Extra Spiritual Opportunities for Informal Congregational Interaction
Programming for Youth and Children, Seniors/Elders, etc.
Other (please comment below)

* 10. (Optional) Any additional comments that did not fit in the boxes above or that you have in general.

Thank you completing this survey and assisting us with envisioning our collective future!