Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge Transportation Survey

Your employer is participating in the 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge. As part of the Challenge, employers are encouraged to learn more about employee commutes. This is the second and final transportation survey of the 2018 Challenge. 

Your employer may earn points in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge for your participation in this survey. Check out the website at for more information.  The survey takes 2-4 minutes to complete.  Your participation is appreciated. 

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* 2. Please provide your last name:
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* 3. Please tell us how far you travel to work.  You may either enter zip codes of your home and work sites, or the number of miles traveled from home to work.
You can find number of miles for your route by using a map application, such as Google Maps.

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* 4. In a typical work week, do you travel to work using the same mode of transportation each day, or does your mode of transportation vary from day to day?