1. Introduction

Dear employee,

Our Global Operations team aims to provide global, round-the-clock services to the organization, focusing on implementing services according to best practices.

The Global Service Desk is becoming a Global Service Center, including support for additional employee tools and resources: Initially travel and mobile communications, followed by other future services.

Our main goals are to improve the quality, availability and consistency of services delivered, company-wide, to all employees, by unifying tools and infrastructures and managing performance through SLAs.

We need your input as major users of the services and tools we will be integrating into the Service Center, so that our efforts clearly reflect employee needs.

Please complete this short questionnaire pertaining to 3 services (Travel, Communication and HelpDesk) so that your contribution can be taken into consideration.

Important directives

- Please try basing your evaluation on a broad perspective and not on an isolated event

- Apart from one mandatory concluding question for each service (preceded by an asterisk), you may skip any question if you feel it irrelevant

We appreciate your contribution and ongoing support

The Global Service Center team