The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Quality Assurance will inform and shape the 2018 international conference on quality assurance (QA) in higher education organized by UNESCO.  As part of a regional consultation for Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Bangkok would like to invite interested students and stakeholders to contribute their views, aspirations and challenges.

In doing so, the conference will:

 1) Take stock of innovative QA policies and practices at system, institution, subject and programme levels in Asia-Pacific;

 2) Build understanding of the links between QA, qualifications frameworks and recognition, including promote ratification and implementation of the 2011 Tokyo Convention;

 3) Raise awareness about QA of nontraditional modes of learning (e.g. MOOCs, blended learning, etc.);

 4) Connect multiple QA initiatives in Asia-Pacific to promote synergies and cross-fertilization.

Requests to attend will be accepted through 19 May 2017. There is no conference fee to join. Due to limited space, please submit your request to attend in English and wait for final confirmation from our staff. If funding for hotel and meals is required, please explain your situation and needs below.

* 1. Name

* 2. Nationality

* 3. Institution

* 4. Email address

* 5. Please explain why you would like to participate in the conference

* 6. If you need funding for hotel and meals, please describe your needs for funding. Unfortunately, there are no funds available for flights or ground transportation. Do you need funding support for hotel and meals?

Thank you!
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