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 Award Categories

3, 2, 1…Liftoff! Award
Your stunningly successful community launch exceeded expectations! You should be proud of how well it all came together. Tell us all the incredible details.
*Must have launched after last year’s Super Forum on November 18.

Automation Architect of the Year
You run some of the best automation campaigns around! Whether it’s using automation rules in your online community or email campaigns in your marketing automation tool, tell us about what you achieved.

Community of the Year
Your community is the cream of the crop! We know how much time and energy goes into creating and nurturing a five-star community, and we want to help celebrate your success. Tell us what makes your community amazing.

Design Magician (Marketing Automation)
Beautifully written, stylishly designed, and attention-grabbing. If this describes your emails, we’re ready to see them! Submit an image of your show-stopping design.

Industry Innovator
Given to the Higher Logic Admin advancing the industry strategy and use case of their Higher Logic instance. Keeping the engine running is one thing, but finding creative solutions takes something extra. We want to commend you for going above and beyond!

In the Lab: Data Scientist
Making decisions based on data? Tell us more about how you’ve rooted your teams in using data to your advantage. Describe a dashboard you use, a test you ran, or ways that you’ve leveraged data to make decisions.

Jaw-Dropping Design (Online Community)
Wow! What a sight to behold. Whether it’s the pleasing aesthetics or smooth navigation, your community design is top-tier. It deserves a spot on the runway. Tell us about your design process and what inspired you.

MVCM (Most Valuable Community Manager)
A superstar community doesn’t run itself. We know a great community manager can take a community to new heights. Tell us how you go above and beyond to help users, promote engagement, and build sustainable programs.

MVDM (Most Valuable Digital Marketer)
Marketing campaigns may seem like magic, but really, it’s all the work of your genius digital marketing skills. When it comes to email communications, you leverage data and technology to deliver exceptional experiences for your audience. Tell us how you build engaging campaigns, optimize sends, and keep your brand top of mind.

Pivot Pro
A lot has happened over the last two years. Whether the pandemic fundamentally changed your organization’s strategy and priorities, you had to do more with less, or you relaunched your online community – we want to recognize you or your team!

Rookie of the Year
Are you new to community management or marketing but you’re seeing serious gains from your programs and campaigns? Let’s highlight your early success and how you're making it happen