Dear Student,

A key objective of The UWI Triple A Strategy 2022-2027  is to “improve the quality of teaching, learning and student development.” We invite you to take part in the 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey to provide your feedback on key aspects of the  teaching and learning experience. It takes approximately seven minutes to complete the survey.

Kindly note:
  • Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.
  • Your responses will remain confidential.
  • Information collected will be used to generate aggregated data about overall student satisfaction levels.

The incentive of an Amazon Gift Voucher of US$100.00, is available at each campus. To be eligible for the prize draw, you do have to provide some contact information, specifically for that purpose in a separate survey weblink.  Winners will be selected by random draw and students will be allowed only one entry to the prize draw. 

Please read each item carefully. A question marked by an * requires a response and you will not be allowed to proceed without answering.

We greatly appreciate your time and input in sharing your opinions with us. 

Should you have any queries or concerns about the survey, please contact Mr. Anand Dass at  anand.dass@sta.uwi.edu of the University Office of Planning.