The Town of Claremont is conducting a survey to get your say on three important plans:

-          Strategic Community Plan Review

-          Local Planning Strategy

-          Town Centre Precinct Structure Plan

Strategic Community Plan Review - Claremont Ahead 2031

The Strategic Community Plan ‘Claremont Ahead’ sets out in broad terms the Town's visions, aspirations and objectives of the community. Claremont Ahead forms the basis for the Town’s projects and endeavours, and is the Town's over-arching strategic document through to 2031.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy sets the objectives and long-term planning directions for the built form of the Town to ensure a suitable supply of appropriately zoned land to accommodate future population change and economic development over a 15 year period. This document is key in shaping ‘where, why and how’ for future planning and development outcomes in the Town of Claremont and will be the base document to guide the forthcoming review of the Local Planning Scheme.  

Precinct Structure Plan

The Precinct Structure Plan focuses on the Claremont Town Centre and immediate surrounds. This plan will provide more detailed guidance on the design, planning, assessment and implementation of future development in the Town Centre and will be the base document to guide amendments to the Local Planning Scheme and other planning requirements.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. Please complete one survey per person.  The survey is open to all Town of Claremont residents and property owners aged 18 years and older. Please complete the survey by 5pm 27 April. By completing the survey and you’ll go into the draw to win a $250 Claremont Quarter voucher.
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