MODSIM 2017 Survey

Dear MODSIM 2017 Participant (and MSSANZ members who couldn’t make it to MODSIM 2017),
In order to make MODSIM 2019 even better, we welcome your input by answering the following short questions.

Kind regards,

David Post (MSSANZ President)

* 1. Recent MODSIM conferences have featured a rest day on the Wednesday. Would you prefer MODSIM 2019 to have

* 2. We introduced poster sessions at MODSIM 2017. Would you like to see a poster session again at MODSIM 2019?

* 3. Do you support limiting the number of orals a delegate can give, with subsequent presentations to be given as posters? If so, how many orals should each delegate be allowed to present?

* 4. Do you support the introduction of a 'best paper' award at MODSIM 2019 to encourage more people to submit full papers instead of extended abstracts?

* 5. At MODSIM 2017 we used an app for the first time. Did you use it?

* 6. We use the Open Conference System (OCS) ( to submit, review and approve papers. If relevant, did you encounter any major problems with this system for MODSIM 2017? Are there improvements you can suggest?

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

* 8. Name and email (optional, if you are OK with us following up with you)