We, as the Board of Trustees, believe it is important for our school to reflect the expectations of the community it serves. The school is central to the community and is there to provide the best educational opportunities for our students. We are committed to fostering a strong positive partnership with the community in order to share the responsibility of providing a highly effective education. To assist the school to meet these expectations and the future development of the
school it is essential that families have the opportunity to contribute. We would really appreciate it if you could complete the following survey honestly and thoughtfully.
We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to do the survey. Once the results have been collated we will provide them in a future Board of Trustees newsletter. The survey will be open from 8AM Tuesday 1 August - 6PM Friday 18 August 2017.

Kind regards
Suzanne Drake
Chairperson Board of Trustees

It works exactly like a review

1 star = Disagree
2-4 stars = shows how much you agree or disagree
5 stars = Agree

* 1. The academic programmes meet the needs of my child/ren.

* 2. There is a suitable range of extra¬curricular and sporting programmes.

* 3. Home learning is a valuable part of the school programme.

* 4. How well do you think the school does with writing learning?

* 5. What is the reason for your scoring of the question above?

* 6. How well does the school communicate with you about literacy (reading and writing) learning?

* 7. How would you like the school to communicate with you about literacy learning?

* 8. What do you see as important for students to learn in literacy at school?

* 9. What comments or suggestions do you have about the Beachlands School curriculum?