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Sacramento County is updating the Housing Element within the General Plan. The Housing Element looks to address the housing needs of all income groups as well as special needs populations and is a required element that is updated every eight years. We want to hear from you to understand what you like and what you don’t like about housing in your community. This survey is based on the discussion questions that we asked residents and community organizations during the Housing Element Interactive Webinars that we hosted in May 2020. You can find the materials from these meeting on the Housing Element Update website.  

Thank you so much for your time and feedback.  

For additional information on the County’s Housing Element Update, please visit the website or contact us at: HousingElement@saccounty.net 

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* 1. If you are a County resident, what community within the County do you live in? If you are with an organization, which area of the County do you represent?

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* 2. What do you like about housing in your community?

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* 3. If you are a County resident, what housing challenges have you, or members of your family or social circle, faced in your community? If you are with an organization, what housing challenges have the people that you represent faced?

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* 4. What do you think the County can do to meet the housing needs of your community?

50% of survey complete.